4 Things That Needs Inspection Before Deciding on an Apartment

Cell Phone Reception

Cell phones are essential these days more than ever. Almost all people rely on these gadgets for several different reasons ranging from work, communicating with family and friends to keeping track of their daily tasks. However, if they find it difficult to use their phone because of a poor signal, that is a big problem. When touring the potential apartment, renters should try using their phone in all areas of the place to see if the reception is up to standard and consistent.

Another thing that is equally important to everyone is Wi-Fi. There are landlords that include utilities like water plus heat in the rent while others give rental incentives like Wi-Fi and cable so it is important to ask about the Wi-Fi.

Water Temperature and Water pressure

These are things that usually go unnoticed but which renters have to face every single day. Nothing could be worse than having extreme water pressure, which can be too strong or too gentle, and water temperature that is unstable. Certainly, they wouldn’t be able to take a bath while touring the apartment but they can open the faucet to test the temperature and pressure on their hands to see if they are just right. In case there are any issues with it, they can consult the landlord/company to see if these can be addressed before they move in.

No Pests Around

Even if they are only renting an apartment, they consider it as their home. However, bugs and rodents among other pests, also find their way in, which makes it a major issue for a lot of people. It is very unsanitary as well as gross to have pets inside an apartment. They have to take a look at the top and inside of their cabinets to see if they have feces. In addition, it is a good idea to also check the baseboards and walls to see if there are large holes or cracks.

If still this does not make them feel satisfied, they can ask the landlord for a copy of the latest pest control treatments done to the apartment/building. It is stated in the lease if the unit/building had any pest issues because landlords disclose such information about their apartment for lease. Renters should be eager to ask specific questions. Since this will be their home, there should be no pests.

Power Outlets and Electrical System

A lot of things at home require a power outlet to work, which includes phones, chargers and appliances, among others. When touring an apartment, try to plug a gadget into all possible outlets to make sure that they work. If they cannot think of anything to bring, they can always drop by a nearby hardware store to buy an Electrical Receptacle Wall Plug AC Outlet Ground Tester. Its price ranges from $5 to $10. It can test the circuit status for each outlet in the apartment. In addition, it can check all the lights in the apartment to ensure they can be turned on and off when needed. When they move in without checking the power outlets, they will regret it when something doesn’t work when they need it most.